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Legislative Advocacy - Public TV Caption Bill

[Bald white male with glasses and white beard. Wearing a nice dark grey suit and blue tie]

Hello Everyone!

I am a board member of IAD. I am also heavily involved in activism both as a board member and committee member in bringing together other groups in advancing the caption bill legislation.

It will allow for people to access information without any barriers at restaurants, airports, bus stations, and any other public accommodations that display screen(s) showing closed captions.

Captions will be activated by default at all times which is IAD’s goal. IAD has collaborated with various partner organizations from both deaf and hearing communities in making this vision a reality. We are now waiting for the final version of the bill that will advance our access needs.

One critical part of this legislation is that businesses across Indiana will be allowed a 2-year grace period to be educated on the law’s requirements and learn how to activate the captions using a remote control device. They all will be shown how to do so in order to comply with the law and educational outreach efforts will continue across Indiana during that period. Understanding how captions work will lead those businesses to adopt and embrace captions.

Thank you for watching.


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