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Learn American Sign Language

Jump-start your child’s journey as a bilingual(speaker and signer) child in our Introductory ASL4Kids (American Sign Language) Playgroup Pilot program! Fun activities, games, and songs will show you how easy it can be to integrate ASL into your daily routines.

Decades of studies has shown that teaching your D/HH child ASL has been shown to have valuable long-term cognitive, emotional, and practical benefits. Come learn a way of communicating with your little one in practical knowledge with our experienced ASL4Kids Instructor-Facilitators. This can reduce tantrums, helps forge a close bond between parent and child, and boost brain development.

Benefits of signing with your baby
Stop guessing what your baby is trying to tell you and start spending more time fulfilling your child’s specific needs. ASL4Kids Playgroup gives parents the opportunity to communicate with children long before babies can verbalize their wants and needs. Research studies show that signing with babies accelerates language acquisition, reduces frustration and aggressive behavior, and as children mature, results in a greater interest in reading. Out of all the wonderful benefits of baby sign language, the most important benefit of all is that signing will greatly deepen the bond between you and your child.

IADemy’s ASL4Kids Playgroup program
This program is founded on more than three decades of evidence-based research and utilizes signs from American Sign Language (ASL). Classes are a fun-filled way to teach parents how to introduce ASL into their baby’s everyday routines through interactive activities for whole families!

Deaf/Hard of Hearing ASL4Kids Instructor-Facilitators are fluent in ASL, giving you and your families a chance to interact with a Deaf Professional. They will facilitate the learning process of ASL for you, your D/HH child and your families through their support and practical knowledge.

NOTE: Please read, print out, and sign the form to bring with you to class.

**ASL4Kids is currently closed. 

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