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Legislative Advocacy - Parents with Disabilities Act

[White male, with glasses, orange and white hair. Wearing a black sweater with black/white plaid shirt]

Hello Everyone!

As a member of the IAD legislative committee, we have been active in advancing and aiming to pass the tv caption legislation. Holly mentioned earlier that we have been very active on this legislation over the past year and half.

This vlog focuses on the Parents with Disabilities Act that applies people who have a child. Here’s some background history on the bill. It was first brought to the floor for a vote last year and it failed to pass. This time we need your help and will explain why it is important. The bill will impact you as a parent. Whether you are Deaf or a hearing person with disability such as blindness or in a wheelchair alongside with people with disabilities, for it will protect your parental rights, regardless if your child is Deaf or hearing, which prevents a government agency representative such as the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) from removing your child from your house on the basis of you being a Deaf parent.

Would you like that? Is it fair? Is it fair for a representative to take away a child just because a parent is blind or Deaf or have a disability? Is that right thing to do? Not right at all. There’s one important exception to this process. Representatives can remove a child if there’s been reported abuse of a child. It is very important making sure a child be safe from abuse. Agents cannot remove your child on the basis of a parent being Deaf, blind, or disabled. Only allowed if there’s been child abuse to comply with the mandatory reporting law.

Taking away a child on the basis of a parent’s disability must stop. As soon as this legislation is filed, IAD is asking you all for help in passing this important legislation, upon bill number assigned, to call. VP, and email your legislators to pass the bill so you can keep your precious child at home.

You have the right to raise your own child as amazing parents!


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