The Indiana Association of the Deaf (IAD) was founded in 1886 by Deaf people who were concerned that Deaf people were not included in the decision and policy-making processes affecting their lives. Today, the IAD is a dynamic and growing organization with strategic partners, and individual members. The IAD serves as an advocate for more than 400,000 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Hoosiers.

Indiana Association of the Deaf is a membership-based non-profit, 501(c)3 advocacy organization serving the Deaf community in the great state of Indiana for over 130 years.

Our Mission

The mission of the Indiana Association of the Deaf is to preserve, protect, and promote the civil, human, and American Sign Language (ASL) linguistic rights of Deaf people in Indiana.

Our Vision

The vision of the IAD is that the language, culture, and heritage of Deaf Hoosiers will be acknowledged and respect in the pursuit of life, liberty, and equality.


2021 Biennial Conference - Vacant

Indiana Youth - Natalie Hendrix-Evans

Legislative Affairs - Holly Elkins

Public Relations - Bill Lewis

Social Media - Bill Lewis

IADemy Director - Vacant

IADemy Coordinator - Marvella Sellers

ASL Coordinator - Carl Denney

Community Education - Vacant

IDN500 Editor - Jennifer Friede


Char Sculley - President

Vacant - Vice President

Beth Pickering - Secretary

Janis Tester - Board of Director

Brett Mellon - Treasurer

Natalie Hendrix-Evans - Board of Director

Vacant - Board of Director

Gary Olsen - Board of Director

Barb Gantt - Board of Director