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SB 259 - Parents with Disabilities Act

Many of you may have seen an earlier vlog on Senate Bill 259. It is Parents with Disabilities bill. This statewide law, if passed, will prevent agencies like the Department of Child Services (DCS) from denying or restricting your rights as a parent with disability or taking away your child on the basis of disability. This applies to Deaf, hard of hearing, and Deafblind parents too. Exception to this law is for reported child abuse. SB 259 is being brought to the Senate floor tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 17) for a full vote. IAD is asking that the Deaf community call or send emails to the Senators at the State House. In your brief email, you can tell them a bit about yourself as a Deaf/hard of hearing/Deafblind person with a child or children (either young or adults) with their ages. If they are adults, you might want to mention their job titles (i.e. a pilot, a banker, etc.). Explain that being a Deaf parent is not a barrier to raising a child. Ask your Senator to vote yes in support SB 259. You may also contact all of other Senators as well. Senator contact information is listed on the Excel spreadsheet with their names, phone numbers, and email addresses. They need to hear from members of the Deaf community on SB 259. Your voice matters. Thank you for your support of SB 259.

Download senate contact information below.

Indiana State Senators (Master List)-202
Download • 3KB


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