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Legislative Advocacy - Parents with Disabilities Act and Caption Bill

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Hello Everyone…Happy New Year!

This vlog is to update you all on IAD’s legislative activities over the past year. The legislative committee members are Holly Elkins, David Geeslin, Gary Olsen, and Andy Leffler. We have been and are actively engaged in two important pieces of legislation that is currently taking place at the State House.

Legislation number 1 is the Parents with Disabilities Act.

Legislation number 2 is the Public TV Caption Bill.

Further details about these two bills will be shown in other vlogs.

IAD is truly excited about the second piece of legislation which is the public tv caption bill as it is the first ever statewide bill. It is critical to pass this bill during this current legislative session. IAD will be launching a social media campaign about the caption bill. Please watch this space for updates on the caption bill. This bill will have a huge impact on your lives for the better.

IAD appreciates the community’s support of our legislative efforts at the State House.

We wish you all a better 2021 and on.

Thank you.

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