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Introduction to the 2021 IAD Bylaws

Video transcription:

An older white guy in a denim shirt with a green background.

Hello everyone-

This is the IAD Bylaws Committee announcing the survey feedback plan. Your feedback is important to us as the IAD Bylaws belongs to you all as IAD members.

We want to thank our IAD Bylaws committee as they have poured hours in this important endeavor. Here they are in alphabetical order: Donald Brooks, Ronelle Johnson, Candice Lisenby, Gary Olsen, Steven Stultz and Keith Young.

There are three key items to look at in our Bylaws. The first one is the bold blue words which indicates that they are new additions to the Bylaws. The second one is the red strikethrough words which will be removed from the Bylaws. The last one is the bold green words which will be removed from the Bylaws and inserted into the IAD’s Standards Operation Procedure (SOP). The Bylaws focus on the big picture while SOP focuses on the details and procedures as indicated in the Bylaws.

When you click the link to SurveyMonkey you will see the Bylaws sections and share your opinion as to whether you agree or disagree with the changes as proposed. If you disagree, please elaborate why you disagree and what solution you suggest we consider.

Furthermore, some Good News! We will host a LIVE Zoom on Friday, March 12th at 7 p.m. wherein you can see our Bylaws committee members and their assigned section of the proposed changes, and you can share your feedback with them directly. We will release the flyer with details for this event.

It remains our goal to submit the revised Bylaws by March 22nd, in time for our 2021 IAD Virtual Conference.


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