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IAD General Board Meeting - November 6, 2021

TRANSCRIPT: A blue background with IAD logo on the upper left corner of the screen. In the middle, white words say "Special Announcement from the IAD Board". The video fades to two people standing side by side on a split screen. Both are standing in front of a black background with the IAD logo on the upper left corner of their screens. On the left side, a white woman with brown hair down. She is wearing a maroon long sleeve shirt with a black shirt underneath. On the right, a white man with glasses and brown hair tied back behind a ponytail. He is wearing a black long sleeved buttoned up dress shirt.

Both: Hello!

Beth: Hello, my name is Beth Yaste, and I am your IAD President. Who is that on my right?

Donnie: Oh, I'm sorry! Hello, it's good to see you all! My name is Donnie Brooks and I am your IAD Secretary. So what's up with this vlog?

Beth: Yes! We are excited to announce that we will have a general meeting soon!

Donnie: When is the general meeting?

Beth: Yes, November 6th, the first Saturday.

Donnie: What time is the meeting?

Beth: 2pm to 4pm.

Donnie: Where is the meeting?

Beth: Multi-purpose room (MPR) at Indiana School for the Deaf. Oh! Who should I RSVP to the meeting?

Donnie: You may contact me to RSVP. Contact me at The purpose of RSVP is to provide light refreshments to our members! Various foods include water, cookies, fruits, donuts, etc. The more RSVP, the more we will order. You are free to have as much as you'd like during the meeting.

Beth: Yum! I can't wait.

Donnie: One more thing, are masks required?

Beth: Yes, masks are required. Don't forget to bring yours! Let's close with our IAD motto. Ready?

Donnie: Sure, I'm ready!

Beth and Donnie: We unite! We learn together! We educate together!

Donnie: See you there

Beth: Yes, see you there!

Video fades to a black background with white wording stating the following: "For more information, contact the secretary of IAD at"


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