Indy Deaf News (IDN500) is a weekly e-mail newsletter that was founded by a long-time community member, Robert “Bob” Canty, in late 1990’s in response to a real need for information sharing and announcing events. Bob had worked hard on IDN500 for many years up to his death. IAD and the Canty family agreed to the idea of IAD taking over IDN500 and continue Bob’s hard work.

bob canty

Robert “Bob” Canty, founder of Indy Deaf News

Robert Canty was born to hearing parents in Newburgh, NY and attended the New York School for the Deaf. After his graduation in 1957, he went on to Gallaudet College and received his Associate in Applied Science degree in Graphic Arts in 1960.

Bob, as we affectionately called him, worked as a compositor in New York Daily News from 1962 to 1967 and transferred to the New York School for the Deaf as a Recreation Director. In 1970, Bob worked as a film inspector and was a supervisor with Captioned Films for the Deaf, serving Deaf groups in eastern states. When the three Captioned Films for the Deaf merged into one big library located in Indianapolis, Bob became their assistant director until 1987.

Bob, then transferred to the Indiana School for the Deaf as the Media Coordinator until his retirement in 2000. He also taught American Sign Language for many years, at different locations including Ball State University.

A loyal member of the IAD, NAD, RID, RID’s Indiana Chapter, Indianapolis Deaf Club, Willard ASL Teachers Association, ISD sports, nursing home for the deaf, Bob was a board member of Mayor’s Advisory Council for Disabilities in Indianapolis.

Bob founded the Indy Deaf News in 1998 and send the first newsletter on August 3, 1998. The e-newsletter’s subscribers grew over the years to 1,500 in 2010. The last e-newsletter Bob sent out was on April 10, 2010, nine hours before Bob went into the Lord’s arms.

Bob’s wife, Linda, wrote, “Bob was very determined to communicate information with the Deaf Community by continuing the newsletter weekly, without interruptions, even while he was in the hospital several times. So Bob was still serving the Deaf Community to the very end.”

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