2017 Biennial Conference Committee: 

Ronelle Johnson, Chair. Lisa Wilson, James Carr, Bonita Ewan and Norman Wilson

Bylaws Committee: 

James Carr, Chair. Ronelle Johnson

Finance Committee: 

Lisa Wilson, Chair. Norman Wilson and Kathy Hill

Indiana Youth Committee: 

Kathy Hill, Chair. Lisa Wilson and Colly Baird

Legislative Affairs Committee: 

Bonita Ewan and Laura Smith, Co-Chairs. Ronelle Johnson, Kathy Hill and Bert Pickell

Public Relations Committee:

Ronelle Johnson and Laura Smith, Co-Chairs. James Carr and Bonita Ewan

Social Media Subcommittee: 

Lisa Wilson, Colly Baird and Ronelle Johnson

Programs Committee: 

Bert Pickell, Chair. Yvonne Weinstein – ASL; Vacant – Community Education and Delanne Woodall – IDN500

Email the Vice President at to get involved!

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