IADemy Vision

Vision for IADemy (IAD Academy Program)

To become a premier provider of learning opportunities for the deaf community and those closely connected to it (family members, neighbors, interested individuals). This provides enhanced opportunities for IAD’s members through opportunities to teach, learn and advance themselves intellectually, spiritually and economically.


IADemy can utilize in person and online learning opportunities to provide access to a wide variety of topic or skill areas encompassed by its membership.

Under the oversight of a highly motivated Programs Coordinator, the IADemy  has the potential to provide educational opportunities through a variety of mediums to a vast audience and affords the organization an invaluable opportunity to spread awareness, encourage life-long learning and provide economic and professional opportunities to its members. Utilizing a financial model similar to what we have already approved with regard to ASL and Deafhood courses, we can ensure that all classes are profitable and offer the motivation for all working within the program to market and promote the classes to maximize participation, yielding significant revenues to IAD for use in advocacy and other areas of interest.

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